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Searching for Sarah

Searching for Sarah


Phillip Vega


Fiction, Contemporary, Mystery, Romance, Women

Publish Date

December 28, 2020

Short Description

To fulfill his older sister’s dying wish, a grieving Hispanic man uses any means necessary, including her journals, to track down the love of her life, a woman named Sarah.


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Tom’s sister Nina’s will read: “I don’t want one of those generic funerals, where everyone gathers and cries. Be creative. I want something outside the box. You and Sarah can work on this together.”


Tom’s reaction: “Who the hell is Sarah?”


To solve this mystery and honor his older sister Nina’s final wish, Tomas Ruiz (Mid-50s) uses her personal journals to guide his global search for the enigmatic Sarah.

Frustration mounts as he delves deeper into Nina’s past, uncovering secrets that will change his life forever.


Will Tom overcome the seemingly never-ending obstacles and find the mysterious Sarah before putting his sister to rest?


This interracial LGBTQ+ love story reaches beyond the grave and straight into your heart.

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Phillip Vega

Phillip Vega


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