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SCANDAL in Boston

SCANDAL in Boston


Gail Meath


Fiction, Romance, Historical, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Publish Date

August 15, 2020

Short Description

They fell in love, then their world fell apart.  Boston, 1858


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They fell in love, then their world fell apart. Boston, 1858

Devora Thayer grew up with her uncle on Boston Harbor. She may not be a refined lady, but she could command a sailing vessel better than any sailor in her uncle’s fleet if given the chance. And when she falls in love with Lucas McDaniel, the handsome, mild-mannered helmsman on her uncle's ship, her every dream is about to come true as they plan their future sailing the ocean together.

Maximillian Thayer owns the largest shipping company on the east coast and he’s been paying a fortune in blackmail for years to prevent Devora from knowing the truth about her mother. When the woman’s accomplice arrives to collect the next payment and assaults Devora, Lucas intervenes and Max furiously refuses to pay another dime.

But the plan backfires. Max is forced to send Lucas on a deadly voyage, then finds himself entangled in a wicked web of lies. And when Devora’s mother secretly moves to Boston to execute her ultimate revenge against Max, it leads to murder.

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Gail Meath

Gail Meath


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