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Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette

Helena Hawthorn Series #1


May Freighter


Fantasy, Urban, Teen and Young Adult, Suspense

Publish Date

October 4, 2016

Short Description

Vampires, demons, angels, magic—the world is full of them. Helena made the mistake of getting involved in the darkness, and now she's knee-deep in it. Even her guardian angel has given up on her…literally.


The Winner

Book's Awards


Russian Roulette is an award-winning novel in Young Adult Urban Fantasy.

"I couldn't put it down! Every chapter left me wanting more!" - Readers' Favourite Review.

Who could guess that one brush of a fingertip over a shimmering soul-string could flip your world upside down and inside out?
Nineteen-year-old Helena’s life changes when her spirit enters the Angel Realm in search of her father. But, things don’t go as planned. Against her guardian angel’s warnings, she binds her soul to a vampire—a creature she thought only existed in horror movies.

Lucious has spent his immortality looking for the monsters who killed his sire. The last thing he needs is to be vulnerable because of a bond with a reckless girl. Yet, he sees how he can turn this to his advantage. Believing that Helena possesses great power, he plans to use her against the Council as a bargaining chip.

When Helena meets the gorgeous and also terrifying vampire with whom she’s now stuck sharing an emotional bond, she realises that her life will never be the same. Despite fighting against Lucious’s manipulative ways, she can’t deny their attraction. As their desire for each other intensifies, she needs to know if she can trust him. After all, her life and soul are on the line.

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May Freighter

May Freighter


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