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Roses for the Sparrow

Roses for the Sparrow

#2Birds in Peril Series


Mary Elizabeth Fricke


Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

Publish Date

January 7, 2015

Short Description

Roses for the Sparrow: It was bad enough that her best friend/employer took off on an extended honeymoon leaving Jani to oversee the building of their new business alone. But in strolls this tall, dark, handsome contractor who makes it clear he intends to become the center of Jani's attention. Is Rick too good to be true? Why is he the one who continually finds long-stemmed roses on her car or at her door? What kind of admirer leaves expensive roses to freeze on windshields or be trampled on the floor? Some girls have all the luck- or maybe that's no luck at all. How often does a girl have two stalkers after her at the same time?


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Jani Harrod (Lisa’s assistant) moving to Martinstown, Mo. where Lisa is building a new shop at the new mall just outside of town. Lisa and Lex are on an extended honeymoon; so, Jani is left to manage the organization of the first shop. When Thad Hunt discovers Jani has a degree in interior design, he hires her to decorate several, new, mall shops, as well as a second shop for Lisa. While this entrepreneurial surprise is welcome—and overwhelming—it does not solve the mystery of who is leaving long stemmed red roses beneath the windshield of Jani’s car, or on the floor near her apartment door, where she is sure to find them. And then, Rick Pentherst enters Jani’s life. Things become really complicated when her ‘stalker’—stalkers?—prove to harbor ill intent.

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Mary Elizabeth Fricke

Mary Elizabeth Fricke


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