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Robin Unaware

Robin Unaware

#4 Birds in Peril Series


Mary Elizabeth Fricke


Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

Publish Date

January 3, 2016

Short Description

Robin Unaware: Life is constant change, sometimes planned, sometimes instant and devastating. For Stephanie Harvester-Garrett, life takes an abrupt curve when her husband is killed in a car accident. Determined to secure a stable home for her three children, Stephanie returns to Missouri to be closer to family, and to accept employment in her brother’s law office. However, the dream of living a peaceful, country life is interrupted by unexpected ghosts of the past, and hatred spawned in the name of love.


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After her husband’s death, Stephanie Harvester-Garrett is determined to secure a stable home for her three children. She returns to Missouri to be closer to her parents, T.J and Marlene Harvester, and to accept employment in her brother’s, Ted, law office. An unexpected encounter with Hunt employee, Todd Sellers, provides the opportunity to rent a log home he owns.

Life appears too good to be true. Not only does living in the secluded log home present the quiet country existence Stephanie seeks for her children to heal from their tragic loss, she finds means to face the world head on. The world where none of her family knew she and her husband were spiraling toward an ugly divorce. Much to her surprise, she quickly finds herself in an intimate relationship with her new landlord.

Having been where Stephanie is, years before (when his wife died and he was left to raise their daughter alone), in the beginning, Todd only seeks to give Stephanie the support she needs to, not only to survive, but to embrace the future. Much to Todd’s astonishment, he falls as hard and fast and as deeply for Stephanie as she does him. Unfortunately, not all of Stephanie’s family approves of this new found relationship. The heartbreak comes from those she would have leaned on and trusted the most.

In midst of it all, several mysteries involving the Hunt-Harvester-Cromwell team begin to unfold. Pieces slowly begin to fall into place after Dan Pentherst’s accident the same night Dr. Ross Garrett was killed. When Todd’s home is broken into, it becomes apparent someone harbors sinister intent.

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Mary Elizabeth Fricke

Mary Elizabeth Fricke


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