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Ro's Handle

Ro's Handle

Book One in the Ro Delahanty Series


Dave Lager


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Crime, Police / Detective, Women, Suspense

Publish Date

April 1, 2021

Short Description

Ro, an overzealous rookie cop in a biased old-boys club. Can she earn the respect of her male co-workers on the force? Or will she have to shoot her way in?


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Ro Delahanty never let her dream of becoming a woman cop from her sights.

Between years of black-belt judo lessons and sharpshooting championships, she thought she could handle anything the academy threw her way. But as the only female rookie on the force, she soon discovers it’ll take a warrior’s determination to get out from behind the desk and into the action.

Knowing she’ll have to work twice as hard for half the respect, she refuses to let distractions like a new boyfriend block her target. And her sacrifices will be well worth it if she can secure a “handle” that brands her as an equal instead of the butt of a joke.

When a simple field assignment spirals into a heavily-armed hostage standoff, will Ro and her trusty Sig Sauer P229 .357 aim true, or will she miss the shot she’s trained her whole life to take?

Ro’s Handle is the first book in the gritty Ro Delahanty police procedural series. If you like tenacious heroines, crime scene drama, and high-octane shootouts, then you’ll love David Lager’s torn-from-the-headlines tale.

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Dave Lager

Dave Lager


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