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Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage

Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles


Chad Lehrmann


Teen and Young Adult, Thriller, Horror, Paranormal and Supernatural

Publish Date

February 5, 2020

Short Description

A young man on a journey of self-discovery finds more than he bargained for. An ancient evil bent on destroying the tiny mountain town of Sage City, Colorado will challenge Sawyer Shepherd to face his demons- or die trying.


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An ancient evil, a teenager on the run from a tragic past, and a collision course with destiny, fate, or maybe something else entirely.


Sage City, Colorado is a beautiful but struggling town. Its mining history has dried up, leaving it only with a dark local legend that may just be more history than myth.  Sawyer Shepherd is on a road trip of self-discovery- and running from a tragic past.  Traveler and town are on a collision course with deadly consequences.


Sawyer must seek to overcome the demons of his past while also trying to survive a real-life demon that seeks only to consume. Or is it also trying to open the door for an even greater and more powerful evil?


Demons, monsters, heroes, thrills, and action await in the first novel of the Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles!

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Chad Lehrmann

Chad Lehrmann


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