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Rise to the Horizon

Rise to the Horizon


Hyunah KIM


Contemporary, Fiction

Publish Date

October 5, 2023

Short Description

A heartwarming story of Poseidon, a thoroughbred show jumper and Axel, an artist painter and a horse whisperer, and how their encounter changes their lives for good. “Rise to the Horizon" is not merely a story about a man saving a horse; it is a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit and the extraordinary healing power of love.


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Poseidon, a thoroughbred show jumping horse, is injured during a devastating fire at the horse ranch. Traumatized, the beautiful colt becomes trapped with his demons, and aggressively attacks anyone who approaches. After Poseidon hurts several people, the vet suggests that the horse be euthanised.

Axel, a painter who grew up with horses all his life on his grandparents' stud farm, has a unique ability to communicate with horses. In his neighborhood he's known as a horse whisperer. After a desperate plea from Poseidon's owner Martha to help the wretched horse, Axel agrees to cure him, regardless of the vet's deadly warning. Can Axel help Poseidon get back to normal?

A heartwarming story for all animal lovers about a magical bond between a horse and a man, and how their encounter changes their lives for good.

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Hyunah KIM

Hyunah KIM


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