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Reunion In The Mind

Reunion In The Mind

Doctor Wise Book 3


Arjay Lewis


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Paranormal and Supernatural, Thriller

Publish Date

December 8, 2017

Short Description

Strange burglaries and occult intrigue. Can psychic Leonard Wise stop an evil Palero, and stop a man who came back from the dead?


The Winner

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Strange burglaries, occult intrigue, and a killer back from the dead with Doctor Leonard Wise in his sights!

During the week of Thanksgiving and a planned meeting with his estranged family, Detective Bill McGee asks Leonard Wise to help solve a murder of a former burglar.

His search finds that a team of thieves have reunited on a campaign of robberies of occult articles that leave little forensic evidence. The most troubling aspect is that the man who led this group died six years earlier.

This takes Len into the strange world of Santeria and deep into the cult of Santa Muerte: Saint Death. There he must face the power of an evil Palero, who has abilities that may reach beyond life itself.

Reunion in the Mind is the third book in the Doctor Wise series of paranormal mysteries. If you enjoy complicated heroes, strange occurrences, and supernatural twists, then you’ll love Arjay Lewis’ psychic suspense novel.

Get Reunion in the Mind to reunite with this amazing hero today!

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Arjay Lewis

Arjay Lewis


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