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Red Hand Rising

Red Hand Rising

Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles


Chad Lehrmann


Teen and Young Adult, Thriller, Horror, Paranormal and Supernatural

Publish Date

August 2, 2020

Short Description

A supernatural serial killer stalks St. Louis as Sawyer hunts them, and his own destiny becomes more...complicated.


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The Winner

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When Sawyer Shepherd defeated the demon, it did not end the threat.

It started the war.

A year after Sawyer defeated a demon in Sage City, Colorado with the help of mentor Eli and friend Mandy, a supernatural serial killer has begun slaying in St. Louis.  More troubling is the fact that the killer seems to be hunting supernatural entities of a type no one has ever seen before.  Is this new being friend or foe?  And why are they showing up now?

Adding to their woes, two powerful figures from Sage City also show up in St. Louis.  One of them is the ultimate evil, the big bad of Sawyer's journey.  Can he discover who it is in time AND stop their plot that just may be tied to the supernatural serial killer?

Book two of the Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles contains more thrills and action as Sawyer Shepherd battles evil on all fronts!

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Chad Lehrmann

Chad Lehrmann


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