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Red Dress

Red Dress

A blue caveat


Amena Khan


Fiction, Religious, Romance, Women, Fantasy

Publish Date

June 19, 2021

Short Description

Paula wants to swim without getting her feet wet. Is it possible in any kind of relationship, especially in an extra-marital affair? Paula has her own belief and picture of a soul mate that she was carrying out all her life. She thought somebody can be her soul mate---she assumed--she predicted but the reality is far off than her imagination. Complex, religious beliefs, family, and social standards held her back to the ground.


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The story is about two mid-age married people affairs could be. Even both are married and have kids and are okay with their marriage, but they are still missing a big part of their marriage, which is bonding and companionship. They know the outcome of this kind of affair, but in a way, they can't resist themselves either.

Paula is a married woman and has two kids. Paula becomes an independent contractor for doing a real estate job. She does not like a routine job. She gets bored by doing so. She has no good bonding with her husband. The marriage with her husband was a total mismatch. She hopes her husband will change, but instead, she has changed! She feels lonely and looks for her soul mate by hoping he is somewhere exists. She becomes bold and desperate sometimes. She thinks back and forth of bringing all religious explanations and morale. She accepts and agrees on it but feeling void at the same time.

Robin is a man with few words. He works, likes to read, and research. He is highly educated. He is married with two kids also. He likes to stay in marriage but also likes romanticism that is disappeared in his marriage. He is selective in women but wants to have an affair with like-minded and the same situation as him, a woman may have. He is more like an insight, introvert, and considers himself unsocial. However, he likes to open up if he finds anyone interests in him.

Paula and Robin have the same situation with different behaviors. Paula wants someone outside her marriage without any physical intimacy, where Robin was missing the intimacy part in his marriage. They both click with their same standing point, but their outcome of the relationship has grown conflict.

They get from their companionship a real good and caring friend to each other. Robin thinks, Paula is bold who is browsing a dating website means, she can consider everything that a relationship demands. This is his assumption about Paula. Therefore, Paula has an obligation and an objection to the intimacy part. She is being misunderstood by Sam since she looks for someone on that website.

The main conflict is being together physically. Sam has no obligation and he is very open to it. He does not care about the religious beliefs about it. He expects someone to be like him. He finds Paula but she has a little different mentality. Paula has so many conflicts and concerns. She is simple yet complicated. She thinks in her ways where the theory of her soul mate does not exist. She is not open to the relationship yet argues and brings excuses. Paula understands the practice of the relationship but simply desires the way she wants someone so this way she can cover her religious belief.

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Amena Khan

Amena Khan


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