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Juanita Tischendorf


Fiction, Science Fiction, Action and Adventure

Publish Date

September 9, 2022

Short Description

The original house on Biltmore Avenue was built in 1854 and was known as ‘the castle’. It was built as a private residence and remain such for some time before it was ‘passed on’ to the town of Irondequoit.

The town owns various lots in their jurisdiction and like most they are forgotten over the years until that plot of land holds interest to some future development. The Biltmore Avenue house never reached a level of interest and became inconsequential until something happened to change that.


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Something was going on underground in Rochester, specifically Irondequoit. A catacomb of the infamously elusive secret society rumored to exist beneath the city with an intricate system of passageways does exist. What was rumors, became actual fact. Long ago, before the original house on Biltmore Avenue was torn down and the ‘ranch’ built, it was rumored to have a sealed off entrance to the catacombs, but since no one had been able to enter the premises, evidence remained only as a rumored mystery. Until now.”

The house on Biltmore Avenue seemed to come alive and it happened in front of Gale and Gracie who walked by that house often, noticing its idiosyncratic appearance. They were sure no one lived there as the windows were filthy and the yard was in dire need of attention, but on that night, the house seemed to come alive.

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Juanita Tischendorf

Juanita Tischendorf


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