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(Lake Haven Book 2)



Fiction, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Paranormal and Supernatural

Publish Date

October 22, 2021

Short Description

The highly anticipated follow up to EVOKE, the award-winning debut of author D.M. Simmons.


Ravel by D.M. Simmons is Book 2 in the Lake Haven series and is a compelling and gripping read. With characters that are so well developed in the story you could almost imagine you had met them in person. This well written story flows effortlessly and it will captivate you as it unfolds and culminates in an ending that you will definitely not see coming.


The Winner

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The highly anticipated follow up to EVOKE and book two in the Lake Haven series.


It’s been two years since the accident that claimed the lives of three friends and stopped her heart. But when the truth brought Laney Thomas back, something followed.


Together, Laney and Evan have moved forward from the night that changed their lives forever. They finished college, moved back home, and started the next chapter of their lives. But shortly after being back in Lake Haven, they began. Nightmares. Ominous sleep stealers of never-ending darkness, that plague Laney’s dreams, threatening her happy ever after.


But darkness, is never just itself. Something is always hiding in its shadows. And while the truth may have saved her once, the consequence of that night could be too hard to escape this time.


RAVEL is the second book in the Lake Haven series. It dives deeper into the world of EVOKE, exploring the impact of moments that change us, loves that consume us, and decisions that forever haunt us.

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