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Pushing The Boundaries!

Pushing The Boundaries!

"How To Get More Out Of Life"


Peter Jennings


Body / Mind and Spirit, Nonfiction

Publish Date

June 8, 2021

Short Description

Take 32 enterprising people from around the world – many of them well known – individuals who feel restrictive rules are made for others and who are propelled to go where the faint of heart simply never venture. Then sit back as each reveals just how he or she thinks outside the box, colors outside the lines and takes risks with the pursuits most of us would never embrace.

Welcome to Peter Jennings' newest book, "Pushing The Boundaries".


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Ever met someone who doesn’t feel constrained to color within the lines? Who feels restrictive rules are made for others? Who’s propelled to go where the faint of heart simply never venture?
            The profiles you'll read in "Pushing The Boundaries! How To Get More Out Of Life"  will introduce you to people just like that. These are, in some cases , extraordinary individuals whose courage and stamina demand respect. In others, they are “normal” folks whose circumstances have placed them in a position to accomplish more than the average human being might ever attempt.
            "My hope with 'Pushing The Boundaries!' is that the book will inspire readers to take their lives to the next level. The individuals they read about here will motivate people to lose the fear of change and move ahead."
             In each case, we're talking about individuals who have pushed the envelope and stretched the limits, exceeding the boundaries many of us feel obliged to observe. They have overcome what other mere mortals accept as the cards life has dealt them, only to shoulder their way past the status quo, setting out on a broader, perhaps more demanding, journey. As Jack Canfield, co-author of the hugely successful "Chicken Soup For The Soul"® series says in the Foreword, "Having the conviction to reach beyond your fears and take chances means you’re ready to achieve lasting success."
            "I feel a sense of awe for each of the 32 men and women I've profiled in this book," says Peter. "I am honored to have met them and fortunate to have gained their trust as I set out to portray their lives and share their determination with readers. 'Pushing The Boundaries'  is dedicated to their courage, their pluck and the inspiration they create. I thank each one of them for letting us into their lives and for teaching us how to take the risks that lead to real advantages."

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Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings


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