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Prophecy of Thol

Prophecy of Thol

Book 1


Dawn Greenfield Ireland


Fiction, Contemporary, Action and Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Teen and Young Adult, Mythological, Paranormal and Supernatural, Romance

Publish Date

September 7, 2017

Short Description

Recurring nightmares haunted 12-year-old D’laine Jackson when she woke from an eight-month coma following a tragic accident. Four images were branded in her head: a dark-haired, handsome princely young man, a fierce reptilian monster, a white furry creature whose red eyes implored her with some unspoken message, and an ominous black robot.

Now, five years later, D’laine (17) was getting ready to go off to college. During one last shopping trip with her father and brothers for dorm supplies, a blanket of fog rolled out of the sky at Katy Mills Mall in Katy, TX, just west of Houston, in broad daylight in plain sight of dozens of witnesses. When the fog pulled back D’laine was gone.

When she woke, her nightmare turned into reality.



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Prophecy of Thol is set in Katy, TX, just west of Houston on I-10, and Thol, an exotic parallel world. Two scientists investigate the disappearance of 17-year old D’laine Jackson who disappears when a weather phenomenon pulls her into Thol.


Creatures called Egroms shield her from blood thirsty Plotals. The Egroms bring her to their village in the Cember Forest. Ghury, their ancient leader, restores D’laine from a tragic accident from earlier in her life that had left her debilitated.


D’laine tries to return to the portal, but tiny Kudaja warriors drop from the trees to capture her. She unwittingly uses The Voice and subdues them. Ghury rescues her from the Kudaja and brings her back to the village.


The Egroms try to train D’laine to use her hidden abilities. Ghury is frustrated at her lack of powers. The Prophecy predicted a powerful warrior woman, but obviously, something changed in the Prophecy because D’laine is just a regular teenager.

Herish (18), leading a patrol of Kudaja warriors riding on dragon borjos, rescues D’laine from a creature in the forest. A friendship sparks between Herish and D’laine. But, all is not what it seems with the Kudaja.


After months of training, D’laine leaves the Egroms to explore Thol. She trains a pack of deadly diwal dogs using The Voice, and they join her on her journey. Trakon (18), a Ciertron warrior, discovers D’laine and the dogs while he flies overhead in a crestrider.

Trakon and D’laine have had shared nightmares for many years, and immediately recognize each other. Herish and his patrol show up. Trakon despises Herish on sight.

D’laine returns to Ebscalon with Trakon so she can experience a Tholian city. His parents welcome her with open arms, with plans of their own.


D’laine has a premonition about a mighty battle with a formidable foe from another dimension. She must convince the Plotals to come together with the Egroms and humans to save their world.


During the battle, the portal to earth opens. D’laine must choose between her love for Trakon, or return to Earth. She defeats the foe and chooses to go home. No one can console Trakon. D’laine gather’s her family and a scientist and they return to Thol.

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Dawn Greenfield Ireland

Dawn Greenfield Ireland


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