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Plight of the Wren

Plight of the Wren

#3 Birds in Peril


Mary Elizabeth Fricke


Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense, Mystery

Publish Date

August 4, 2015

Short Description

Plight of the Wren: Susie Wrener’s life became front page news when her abusive husband put her in the hospital and sent himself to jail. Three years later, life has returned to mundane, while Susie struggles to maintain a peaceful loving home for her two children as a single mom. Then she meets Ted Harvester and wins the lottery in the same week…


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Sue Ellen (Susie) Wrener, single mother of two small children, struggles to make ends meet while she battles against her estranged ex-husband’s cruel indifference (especially toward their children). Life takes a huge leap forward when she begins to work for Lisa and Jani as bookkeeper/personal assistant in the new Ozark Gifts and JMH Interiors. Mid-leap becomes a rollercoaster ride when Susie meets Ted Harvester, and wins the lottery all in one week.

Ted Harvester jumps at the chance to become Hunt R&C’s in-house attorney; thus, rebuilding the business, and relationships, between the Hunts, Harvesters and Cromwells Sheldon Humsler nearly destroyed. Ted is on a mission to see Humsler incarcerated for life, but his priorities switch when he falls in love with Susie Wrener and her children. They embark on life together in a house with an intriguing past all its own.

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Mary Elizabeth Fricke

Mary Elizabeth Fricke


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