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Pigeon in a Snare

Pigeon in a Snare

#1 Birds in Peril Series


Mary Elizabeth Fricke


Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

Publish Date

January 7, 2015

Short Description

Pigeon in a Snare: He was her knight in shining armor. She was his lost love—the one girl with whom life might have been worth sharing—if another had not told lies deliberately intended to separate them. Now her life is in serious danger. Can he save her? Is their lost love worth the blood and tears it will take to salvage not only themselves, but their families and their businesses─ and rekindle the love they lost?


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As Pigeon in a Snare began Lisa Cromwell was struggling to make a living as a souvenir/craft shop entrepreneur in the Missouri Ozarks. Even though having grown up in wealth with her real estate tycoon father, they had become so estranged, they rarely communicated. Lisa blamed Sheldon Humsler for creating the estrangement from her father, but also felt there was nothing she could do about it…until the day she was kidnapped at gunpoint from her shop.

An old family friend, Lex Hunt, rescues Lisa from the kidnappers. As they spend the next forty-eight hours ‘stranded’ in Lex’s vacation cabin (conveniently located in the woods out in the middle of Nowhere Ozarks), they sort Lisa’s family dilemma, and realize who kidnapped her, and why.

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Mary Elizabeth Fricke

Mary Elizabeth Fricke


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