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Personal Demons

Personal Demons


L.R. Braden


Paranormal and Supernatural, Fantasy, Action and Adventure, Fiction, Mystery, Urban, Suspense

Publish Date

September 29, 2023

Short Description

Marvel's Venom meets My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding in this dark, quirky, urban fantasy heaped with magic, mystery, and just a hint of romance. Mira is a young Cuban-American woman who shares her body with an irreverent incorporeal being. Together, they hunt down magical troublemakers that the human world is ill equipped to deal with, but a decade of hiding who she is in a world that would just as soon see her dead has left her with a mountain of insecurities. Especially where her family is concerned. This story is a reluctant return home that explores themes of self- and social acceptance set to a backdrop of magical mayhem, family dysfunction, and paranormal suspense as Mira races to stop a killer before her web of secrets unravels.


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Protecting her secret and hunting demons is a matter of survival for possessed-practitioner Mira Fuentes. She's spent years learning to work with the snarky demon housed in her body, and it hasn't always gone smoothly. Nor has her recent partnership with an agent of the Paranatural Task Force. Ty Williams—uncomfortably-attractive and overly-protective—may never fully accept that his partner has a literal inner demon.

But work-life-demon balance is the least of Mira's problems when a figure from her past drags her back to the hometown she's avoided for nearly a decade to investigate a string of potentially-magical disappearances. Someone or something is snatching teens from the local high school.

Emotionally off-balance in a city full of old ghosts and new dangers, Mira will have to confront her past to discover what is hunting the innocent.

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L.R. Braden

L.R. Braden


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