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Liam Robert Mullen


Children's Books

Publish Date

May 11, 2020

Short Description

An Irish boy with dark, magical powers has a curse hanging over him.


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A descendant of the fabled Children of Lir, twelve-year old Larry Lir has a curse hanging over him from that period of Irish history. The secret of how to dispense with the curse are lost because Lir is an orphan, and only his father could have told him how to lift the ancient curse that hangs over male heirs.

There are some who claim that Lir is older than his years, and others who whisper that he has dark, black magical powers. Whatever the truth of that he continues to work in the PI Agency his parents bequeathed him with.

When three Cuban orphans appeal to Lir for help, he finds things in common with them and he takes their case pro bono.

In doing so he has set himself up for a battle of wills against Da Silva and his gang of foreign agents, a battle that will bring about the ultimate betrayal and it will transpire that the ruthless Da Silva is also an orphan.

Set for the most part in Ireland can Lir’s ingenuity win the day in a story that carries important messages about basic press freedoms and human rights.

The book shows the independent spirit that dwells within children and the battle of triumph over evil.

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Liam Robert Mullen

Liam Robert Mullen


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