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Once In A Lifetime Comes A Man

Once In A Lifetime Comes A Man


Grace Larson



Publish Date

July 13, 2015

Short Description

The screenplay for this book won the LA Women Film Award and the Chicago Indie Film Award.

Fate was a blessing when a dream brought Lyle into my life once more. He was 46 years old and had never been married. It had been 18 years since we'd seen each other. I was almost 42 with 3 adult children and 2 ready to graduate high school.



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The Winner

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It is only once in a lifetime that a person is lucky enough to have true love. I had that with Lyle, and it is only with writing this book and reading his letters that I fully realize the depth of his being and his love for me. I heard this on a news program on marriage, "It is rewarding to know someone has been a witness to your life." I am that witness to Lyle's life, "Our song will endure through eternity."


I hope that in reading this you will appreciate the soft heart, humor, intelligence, and love that was Lyle. The love he had for his family, animals, and creation. He was a man of integrity and fine character, and a good listener. The mark of a man is how he lives his life and my husband was that man; a good man who had a great mother and father. "Once In A Lifetime Comes A Man."

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Grace Larson

Grace Larson


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