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On Lonesome Roads

On Lonesome Roads


Dan Flanigan


Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Police / Detective, Suspense, Thriller

Publish Date

April 26, 2022

Short Description

As private detective Peter O’Keefe’s continues to heal from the burns he suffered from the blast of a car bomb, neither he nor the police can prove who his assailants were. The media speculates that “The Outfit,” a mafia group in the city, is to blame. O’Keefe isn’t so sure, but he means to find out – and fast.

Terrified of another attack, O’Keefe’s ex-wife, Annie, won’t allow his eleven-year-old daughter near him except under the tightest security, including an armed guard. He can’t blame her. It isn’t safe for Kelly, or anyone else he cares about, to be near him while his attacker is on the loose.

In a desperate effort to keep his family safe and restore his life to some measure of normality, O’Keefe becomes consumed with solving the mystery of who is hunting him. Along the way, he’ll be forced to negotiate with The Outfit – a “devil’s bargain” that just might cost him everything.


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Private detective Peter O’Keefe has survived three gunfights with the local mafia and is still recovering from wounds from a car bomb. No one knows who planted that bomb, but most people suspect it was Carmine Jagoda’s local mafia “Outfit.” O’Keefe doesn’t think the Outfit did it but must suffer isolation in almost every aspect of his life, including separation from his daughter Kelly, because no one wants to be, as he says, “within bombing distance” of him. His only dependable companion is Karma, a retired bomb-detecting German Shepherd police dog.

Finding existence under these circumstances intolerable, O’Keefe embarks on a dual quest—find out who the bombing culprits were and, assuming it was the Jagoda Outfit, negotiate a peace of some kind. Both efforts only lead him into further peril.

At the same time, his eleven-year-old daughter Kelly is faced with the impending highly distasteful possibility of her mother’s upcoming marriage to a man that Kelly despises. She sets out on her own investigative adventure to follow up her hunch that the handsome but creepy, leering doctor her mom plans to marry is a fraud.  

O’Keefe’s efforts to negotiate with the Outfit lead to Rose Jagoda, daughter of recently deceased boss Carmine Jagoda, who has become co-head of the Outfit with Paul Marcone. It turns out that she wants nothing but out of the criminal life. Rose and O’Keefe embark on a mission to free each of them, in their different ways, from the Outfit’s curse, a mission complicated by the efforts of prosecutor and O’Keefe enemy Russell Lord to break the Outfit, including Rose, once and for all.

After a flurry of suspense, double crosses, murder, and mayhem, can there be a glimmer of hope for O'Keefe, Rose, Kelly and Karma?

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Dan Flanigan

Dan Flanigan


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