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Off Track

Off Track

A Clean Action Adventure Novella


Glen Robins


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Thriller, Suspense

Publish Date

April 12, 2021

Short Description

Captain Gordon Sewell became a life-saving ally to Collin Cook during his saga with Pho Nam Penh.

But what makes the Captain tick? How did he become the man he is?

Adventures and misadventures shaped him and prepared him for his pivotal role in Collin’s life.

Listen in while he tells his story to Rob Howell and Lukas Mueller as they fish and lounge on the Captain’s boat.

**Warning: You should read the other books in the “Off” series first to avoid any plot spoilers.


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Trouble follows Captain Gordon Sewell. It always has.

He never seeks it. It just finds him.

Bad decisions, bad luck, and bad timing conspire against him, but he never gives up. Quitting is not in his nature.

When Collin Cook finds Captain Sewell, trouble is not far behind. Soon, the two men’s fates are intertwined in a way neither could ever have imagined.

Rather than hide from trouble, Captain Sewell copes, adapts, and learns from it. After each setback, he musters the courage to press onward and upward.

Fortitude, tenacity, and a powerful survival instinct lead Captain Sewell through perilous journeys, gut-wrenching dilemmas, and mettle-testing voyages until he emerges scarred, but victorious.

Spoiler Alert:

“Off Track” is a companion novella to the “Off” series by Glen Robins. It launches you into fast-paced adventures without using the profanity and salacious content that is so common in thrillers. If you haven’t read “Off Kilter,” “Off Course,” and “Off Guard” yet, you might want to do so before reading this novella so that you don’t. You can save by downloading the Off Series Box Set today.

Come sit on the deck of Captain Sewell’s boat and listen to him tell his story of the role he played in Collin Cook’s epic saga. Get your copy of “Off Track” today and begin a new quest of your own.

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Glen Robins

Glen Robins


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