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Off Kilter

Off Kilter

A Clean Action Adventure Book


Glen Robins


Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Action and Adventure

Publish Date

March 6, 2015

Short Description

After tragedy strikes, the unstable Collin Cook finds he is the target of a nefarious cyber criminal who has framed him to draw Interpol and the FBI into the hunt. Collin is aided by his friend and NSA specialist, Lukas Mueller. Together, they work to outsmart and outrun all pursuers to keep Collin safe and protect the secrets he holds.


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First, tragedy strikes.

Next, the enemy targets him.

Then, he’s framed.

Now, he’s on the run.

Collin Cook’s life gets turned upside down when his family is killed in an accident. A large settlement is coming while Collin is still reeling, but so is the nefarious Pho Nam Penh, who is hell-bent on destroying the world’s economy. Penh locks in on Collin as an easy target and his settlement as funding for his terrorist plot.

After Penh frames him, Collin has to stay ahead of Penh’s henchmen, Interpol, and the FBI. With the help of his lifelong friend and NSA cyber-guru, Lukas Mueller, Collin must stay alive and free long enough to save the world from Penh’s devious scheme.

Can this ordinary man, untrained and inexperienced, outwit a determined foe, escape the incessant pursuit of law enforcement, and keep himself from mental collapse?

In the first installment of the action-packed “Off” Series, Glen Robins takes you on a whirlwind adventure with the fractured Collin Cook as he navigates the dangerous maze of economic cyber warfare. And he’ll do it without the graphic language or gratuitous scenes so prevalent in today’s thrillers.

If you’re a fan of Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, or Tim Tigner’s Kyle Achilles, with a twist of Sylvia Nasar’s “A Beautiful Mind,” you will love Collin Cook and his adventures.

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Glen Robins

Glen Robins


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