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Off Guard

Off Guard

A Clean Action Adventure Book


Glen Robins


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Thriller

Publish Date

May 25, 2017

Short Description

The hunted has become the hunter.

Collin Cook has been pushed too far. He’s not hiding from Pho Nam Penh anymore. He’s no longer running from him; he’s run athim, determined to take down the man that has done harm to his friends and family and who threatens the world’s power balance.

To succeed, Collin must catch Penh off guard.

Collin will need every ounce of strength, every trick, and every resource he can find to defeat Penh. Will it be enough?


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For months, Collin Cook has been running from Pho Nam Penh, the nefarious cyber terrorist. But after Penh subjected Collin’s loved ones to his heinous barbarism trying to force Collin to give in to his demands, Collin is now running at Penh. In “Off Guard,” Collin Cook is taking the fight to Penh before Penh can bring his diabolical plan to fruition. If he can pull it off, Penh’s plan would cripple the world’s economy, starting with the United States. With the help of a rogue group operating within Mexico, Penh hopes to catch the world off guard and change the global power structure forever.

While Penh believes he has the upper hand, he also has the need to vindicate himself after the humiliation he has suffered at the hands of Collin Cook. His team uncovers the secret of Collin’s run of good luck and lure him into their trap.

With the help of his genius friend and high-ranking national security expert, Lukas Mueller, and a crew of trained operatives, Collin must avoid capture and buy the team some time to gather and coordinate their offensive. Collin must battle through pain and challenges to stop Penh and save his friends. But Penh has a few tricks up his sleeve to keep his American nemeses struggling to catch up. How can Collin, an ordinary guy with no special training, hope to overthrow a mastermind like Pho Nam Penh? Will Penh succeed at toppling the US and ending its long reign as a superpower?

The third and final installment of the “Off” series will answer these questions and more.

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Glen Robins

Glen Robins


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