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Not My Child

Not My Child

Connecting Me, You, and US


Genie Dawkins


Nonfiction, Parenting / Education

Publish Date

July 18, 2017

Short Description

A Guide to Empowering Yourself and Your Special Child will help parents of children with learning differences such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorder too name a few understand how to navigate their child’s education resources so they can make progress and become confident children.


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As a parent or guardian have you ever thought?

· My child is trying to keep up but their grades continue to slip.

· It’s taking my child hours to complete homework that seems simple.

· My child’s teacher keeps calling to report a lack of participation and inattentive behavior.

· I know there are resources and testing available but I’m struggling to navigate or find a starting point.

· I’ve heard that Individual Education Plan doesn’t always help.

· I’ve voiced concerns with my child’s school but they don’t seem to know how or even want to help.

· I think my child has a learning disorder but how can I be certain.

It’s important to remember that each child develops uniquely and at a different pace. Unfortunately, even though most people are aware of this, teaching styles haven’t evolved much over the years when it comes to students with learning disorders.

Early intervention can work wonders. This comprehensive guide will help you identify your child’s specific learning issues and support you in turning their challenges into triumph.

Not My Child: A Guide to Empowering Yourself and Your Special Child will help parents understand:

· Testing and results

· IEP and the 504 plan

· Accommodations vs. Modifications

· Parent Resources: Advocacy, Literature, Support, and Templates

· Discover how to empower your family, enable your child and bring order to their learning disorders

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Genie Dawkins

Genie Dawkins


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