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No Pistol Tastes the Same

No Pistol Tastes the Same

PTSD Disaster Series Book #1


Jacob Paul Patchen


Psychological, Suspense, Thriller, Military / War, Apocalyptic, Contemporary, Poetry, Fiction, Dark, Drama, Medical

Publish Date

May 17, 2022

Short Description

Sgt. Grimm’s pistol tastes like bourbon, and love has its limits.


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JP’s pistol tastes like bourbon.


Sergeant JP Grimm didn’t pull the trigger. Now his Marine brothers are dead. All victims of a child in a suicide vest…a child that resembled Sgt. Grimm’s very own. But how are you supposed to take a child’s life? How can you kill someone that looks just like your own son?


Those same hazel eyes he saw in his scope continue to haunt him long after he left the desert death lands as he tries to reconnect with his son, Adin. JP battles another war at home against PTSD and the worthless, dejected thoughts that he is the reason his friends are dead. His wife, Lisa, struggles to let her stubborn husband work it out on his own terms. She does all she can to give him space, support, and strength—but her love can only go so far.


As the world shows signs of impending doom from a weakening magnetic field and flaring sun, JP, too, shows signs of his own impending doom. After pushing everyone away, JP must face his nightmares to restore his relationship with his son, save his marriage, and save himself before the modern world burns out in a fiery, electromagnetic disaster.


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Jacob Paul Patchen

Jacob Paul Patchen


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