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Never Say A Word

Never Say A Word

The Claire Deveraux series


Alan Brenham



Publish Date

September 21, 2023

Short Description

A political storm erupts when Claire Deveraux, a deaf employee of the U.S. Embassy in France, is abducted at a conference in Rome. The kidnapper, Franco Lazzari, is a wealthy pharmacist who has been scouring Italy for the perfect wife. Unable to hear, and with time against her, Claire must use all of her wits to escape Lazzari’s remote home in the Italian countryside. Yet neither Claire nor the police know the actual danger she is in. Lazzari is in league with a senior official at the U.S. embassy—a man who is willing to leverage all of his clout to stop Claire being found.


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Trapped in a twisted game of love and politics, Claire Deveraux must outwit her captors—or become a pawn in a deadly conspiracy.

Claire Deveraux, the deaf but indomitable foreign service officer stationed at the U.S. Embassy in France, finds herself ensnared in a web of treachery and obsession. Abducted during a conference in Rome, she becomes the object of Franco Lazzari's twisted obsession. A wealthy pharmacist with a dark agenda, Lazzari is looking for his perfect bride.

Isolated in a remote Italian villa, Claire's hearing impairment makes every step risky. Time is running out, and she must marshal every ounce of her ingenuity to escape her captor's clutches. But the true peril runs deeper than she knows.

Unbeknownst to Claire, her kidnapper is not acting alone. A high-ranking official within her own embassy is pulling strings, willing to compromise national security to ensure she's never found. As the walls close in, Claire must unravel a conspiracy that reaches the highest echelons of power.

Will she decode the secrets that bind her before it's too late, or will she become the ultimate casualty in a diabolical game? In a race against time, one woman's resilience becomes the key to untangling a web of deceit and betrayal.

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Alan Brenham

Alan Brenham


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