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My First Dog

My First Dog



Nonfiction, Biography / Memoir, Family and Relationships

Publish Date

May 3, 2021

Short Description

A journey of triumph and resilience. Hang on for the ride as the intricacies of life are explored through the lens of a boy and a dog. Appreciate just how valuable a relationship such as theirs can be. Reflect and relate as the unpredictable path of fate leads to lessons of joy, contentment, humility, pain, guilt, empathy, and love. Find yourself discovering these experiences as if they were your own. And turn the last page over having gained a new perspective of the world and what happens next. "There is much to learn from the relationship of man and dog."


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Bruno Wilson’s memoir, My First Dog, follows his beautiful, redemptive friendship with a special dog.


During his early years, Wilson lived in Sheridan, Wyoming. His parents separated when he was two. At seven years old, he and his sisters went to live with his father in Florida. Three years later, they returned to live with their mother. Influenced by his father, he enlisted as a marine after graduating from high school. Later, he rejected the military, a decision that plunged him into a depressive state.

While pursuing his college ambitions, he decided to get a dog. His memoir covers heart-warming moments spent between Bruno Wilson and his dog, Gus. They are covered in concise details. From the start, the little black pup wanted to do everything that Bruno did. They did many things together including eating, playing, and running. Gus provided loyalty and friendship and his devotion and love helped pull Bruno from a state of depression. The memoir is filled with many light-hearted moments including funny moments that happened during Bruno Wilson’s time at boot camp and when playing with Gus. The conversations are also touched with humor. There are also many interesting characters in the memoir including a tough but hilarious drill instructor, a cowardly step-father, and fun and loyal friends. The book notes the specific lessons that Bruno Wilson learned from his wonderful dog, Gus. They are witty and meaningful such as the third lesson: “If you are going to be dumb, you better be tough.” The work also includes clear drawings that hint at the chapters’ content. Others show Gus at different points of the story. They capture his emotions and expressions. Bruno Wilson’s story is very inspiring, touching, incredible and memorable. It is a story of surviving a difficult childhood, chaotic coming-of-age years, and a lost dream. It is also about how the persistent love of a dog can transform a person. Bruno Wilson survived his life’s darker years and got to pursue his dreams with Gus’s presence all the way. This is an extraordinary, must read memoir and tale.


My First Dog by Bruno Wilson is the profound and heartfelt story of a dog’s transformative love and the journey therein and comes highly recommended!!

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