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Mink Eyes

Mink Eyes


Dan Flanigan


Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Police / Detective, Suspense, Thriller

Publish Date

March 10, 2019

Short Description

Private detective Peter O’Keefe is a physically scarred and emotionally battered Vietnam vet. Hired by his childhood best friend, ace attorney Mike Harrigan, O’Keefe investigates what appears to be merely a rinky-dink mink farm Ponzi scheme in the Ozarks. Instead, O’Keefe finds himself snared in a vicious web of money laundering, cocaine smuggling, and murder—woven by a mysterious mobster known as “Mr. Canada.” Also caught in Mr. Canada’s web is the exquisite Tag Parker, who might be the girl of O’Keefe’s dreams—or his nightmares.


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It is October 1986, the tarnished heart of the “Greed is Good” decade. More than a simple detective story, Mink Eyes captures the Baby Boomers in a moment of decisive transition, from flower children to yuppies, as the ideals of their youth morph into an adulthood of empty materialism. 


Private Detective Peter O’Keefe is a battered Vietnam vet and the divorced father of a 10-year-old daughter Kelly. Following the war, he descended into drug-fueled drifting toward the gutter. He was saved by the intervention of his childhood friend, ace attorney Mike Harrigan, who has made a private detective out of his old buddy Pete. This relationship is central to both their lives, founded in their pledge, as blood brothers and self-declared “knights of the Grail” when they were children in dysfunctional families surrounded by defeat and drink, that they would live meaningful, authentic lives in pursuit of truth and beauty.  O’Keefe’s employees include George, another childhood friend--sarcastic, horny, and street-smart--and Sarah, even more intelligent than she is beautiful and anxious to move beyond being a “Girl Friday” to do real PI work. 


Hired by Harrigan’s clients, successful businessmen who are also right-wing evangelical Christians, to investigate a rinky-dink mink farm Ponzi scam that has ensnared them and other investors, O’Keefe heads down to the Bible Belt of the Missouri Ozarks. O’Keefe finds starving minks, unpaid employees, and mysterious references to a recent and very involved investor known as only as “Mr. Canada.  He also finds Tag, the beautiful, estranged wife of Lenny Parker, the mink farm promoter who has since disappeared. Thrown together, their relationship immediately becomes romantic and sexual. O’Keefe is hooked and obsessed. With danger circling, in a spasm of gunfire and arson, Tag and O’Keefe become separated, and she disappears.


Floundering emotionally in the wake of the mink farm fiasco, charged by local authorities for failing to report a crime, his license and freedom in jeopardy, drinking heavily, and increasingly obsessed with Tag, Unbeknownst to O’Keefe, who tracks Tag to a remote ranch house in southern Arizona, he is also leading Mr. Canada directly to her. Once there, he discovers the secret behind the mink farm and its demise. Surrounded and in peril they are penned in by the tragic decisions that have led them all to the isolated farmhouse, there is a violent reckoning under the bright Arizona sun.

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Dan Flanigan

Dan Flanigan


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