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Memories Can Be Murder

Memories Can Be Murder

Charlie Parker Mysteries, Book 5


Connie Shelton


Mystery, Fiction

Publish Date

October 12, 2009

Short Description

Cleaning the attic Charlie comes across a small cryptic notebook that belonged to her late father, a top scientist at Sandia National Labs during the Cold War years. She never remembered much about that time, but now the questions are coming at her like crazy. When she learns that the plane crash that killed him was no accident she has to find out more. "The best of the series" Midwest Book Review


The Winner

Book's Awards


Praise for USA Today bestseller Connie Shelton:

“This novel offers memorable details . . . and an edgy, paranoid atmosphere.” –Booklist

“Connie Shelton has another winner.” –The Book Report

“Charlie is a good detective and a pleasant companion to unravel a mystery with.” –Mystery News

“The best of the series. Memories Can Be Murder demonstrates Connie Shelton’s talent as the audience will find a night with Charlie is an exciting evening.” –Harriet Klausner, online reviewer

While stowing boxes away in her attic in preparation for her fiancé’s move-in, Albuquerque CPA Charlie Parker uncovers chilling information about her father — and his work as a scientist during the Cold War years. Worse, she now suspects the fatal plane crash that killed both her parents was murder, and that her father's employer squashed the investigation.

Determined to solve the fifteen-year-old crime, Charlie quickly learns that asking questions is dangerous. Soon, dead ends — and dead bodies — have her worried she's next on the hit list. But what secret is worth killing for after all this time? And who is worried enough to go to murderous lengths to keep the door to the truth closed? The shocking answers are tied inexorably with the past — and present — and just might cost Charlie her future.

"Connie Shelton gets better with every book she writes." --The Midwest Book Review

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Connie Shelton

Connie Shelton


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