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Meditations for the Mind-Body-Spirit

Meditations for the Mind-Body-Spirit

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Diane Kurtz Calabrese


Body / Mind and Spirit, Guide, How To, Self-Help, Health and Fitness, Education, Nonfiction

Publish Date

April 7, 2022

Short Description

This book has 18 original guided meditations to help you relax from the everyday stress of life, to provide peace and serenity--enabling you to restore your mind-body-spirit back into alignment.


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This book offers a variety of meditations to enable one to release their daily stress, built up tension, and toxic energy. Guided meditations are a way to let go of your worries for the moment and bring you back to your true, authentic self. It helps re-align the chakras of your body to their natural state of vibration, –where you can live more fully, love more abundantly, and react in a peaceful state of mind. Your mind, body, and spirit are the essential parts of you. You are God’s precious gift to the world and there is nothing more beautiful than a soul in the state of peace.

As I wrote in my previous book, –Mind, Body, Spirit and Discovering the Purpose of Life, –guided meditation is one of many holistic healing modalities that has many benefits. The practice of guided meditation is dated back to the beginning of time. We all need to quiet the mind, to let go of all the chatter of everyday life, –to recharge, replenish and rejuvenate the soul.


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Diane Kurtz Calabrese

Diane Kurtz Calabrese


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