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Liam Robert Mullen


Police / Detective

Publish Date

May 15, 2017

Short Description

There's a new cop in Hawaii and he doesn't take prisoners.


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Mano. There's a new cop in Hawaii, and he doesn't take prisoners.

This is the tagline which I've used for Mano, a tough cop in Hawaii whose brief includes keeping terrorism out of Hawaii.

The tale is a post 911 piece and concerns the hunt for an ISIS terrorist cell intent on carrying out a dirty bomb attack on the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbour. The group is led by the fanatical Hakim, a Saudi terrorist who used to work as an executioner in his home country. When he finds out that there is a tough cop called Mano out to stop him, he makes a near fatal error of judgement by ordering a hit on one of Hawaii's top cops - a move that will bring in the FBI and Homeland Security - and makes Mano aware of the threat against him.

Mano is already a marked man because of his previous undercover work on the Chinese triads. His security detail has always been aware of threats made against him and are constantly in a heightened state of alert anyway. Mano has the cream of HPD already working within his squad, besides his own security detail, experienced cops like The Seeker, Nui, and Pono. Together they form a formidable team which Hakim will have trouble overcoming.

The story carries a lot of pace and action and strong characterization which ultimately will propel the story forward to a nail-biting conclusion.

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Liam Robert Mullen

Liam Robert Mullen


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