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Manifesting The One

Manifesting The One

How to attract your soulmate and twin flame


Jamaury Day


Nonfiction , How To, Self Help, Body / Mind and Spirit, Family and Relationships

Publish Date

November 4, 2019

Short Description

Manifesting The One: How to Attract your Soulmate and Twin Flame” is about recovering the secret tools of the Universe and using it toward our benefits.



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The rules were set in this matrix dating back to the Egyptian times from worshipped occultist leaders including philosophical leaders like Thoth and Hermes from 32,000-16,000b.c. The same formula was practiced during the times of highly worshipped figures such as Jesus and Buddha. You can find parts of the secret implemented into daily cultures today with little to no knowing of where things stemmed from.

Mr. Day makes it easy, using his years of studying Psychology, Neuroscience, and Quantum Physicist along with Spiritual teachers and today’s modern world to compact a book that will in short be easy for anyone to read.

Manifesting The One, offers the following:
How to attract or bring back your soulmate and twin flame into your life
Action steps to find that special someone
Mindset shift of abundance in order to not only attract but KEEP that person in your life

This book was created with intent to provide material for those that do not enjoy reading and those that are busy and have very little free time. Awarding the book the following achievements during the Amazon promotion.

#2 in Romance Graphic Novels (Kindle Store)
#2 in 15-Minute Teen & Young Adult Short Reads
#4 in 15-Minute Self-Help Short Reads

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Jamaury Day

Jamaury Day


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