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Man Out of Time

Man Out of Time

A Goddess of Destiny Book


Constance Ruth Clark


Fiction, Historical, Paranormal and Supernatural, Women, Romance

Publish Date

September 30, 2020

Short Description

You'll love this exciting Time Travel romance, and the introduction of an unforgettable and powerful goddess.


Warning! Do not read unless you enjoy steamy barn scenes, a meddling goddess, unexpected and shocking story twists topped off with a smoking hot man who is willing to sacrifice everything for the women he loves.


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The Winner

Book's Awards


He wanted a woman who saw through the fame and money - and wanted him anyway.
Men don't just travel through time to find their soulmate. Such a thing should be impossible. Except that it happens to Doug Coleman just when he'd given up on ever finding love.

Falling in love wasn't part of her plan, she wasn't giving another man control of her life.
The year is 1868 and Elizabeth refuses to believe that her future is already mapped out the way her father envisions. Then her world is thrown off balance the day a stranger steps in to rescue her from certain death.

She's a Goddess with a plan - to save them both.
Hades can't stop her - it's her destiny to reunite soulmates, even those separated by time.

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Constance Ruth Clark

Constance Ruth Clark


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