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Make Me Exist

Make Me Exist

A Heart-Pounding Sci-Fi Romance


Brittany Ziegler


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance

Publish Date

October 21, 2020

Short Description

A sci-fi/fantasy series starter filled with plenty of steam and satisfying twists! When mysterious strangers appear at her daughter’s birthday party, Valerie uncovers the shocking truth about her life: She and six-year-old Charlotte aren’t human at all…


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Valerie's daughter Charlotte is celebrating her sixth birthday and she's loving it. Presents, games, and cake! For Valerie, it's not that simple. Being with her ex-husband and his new wife is always a strain, but not as hard as finding out that you're not who you think you are.

When a group of mysterious men unexpectedly show up at the party, suddenly Valerie's whole life feels like a lie. Why do they look so familiar? Why do they act like they know her? Stranger yet, why do they have the same startling green eyes as Charlotte?

Catapulted into a world she doesn't remember, Valerie needs to trust these strangers to help save her daughter and herself from a terrible fate. She and Charlotte are pure-bloods, the only chance for an alien race on the brink of extinction.

On the run and hunted, her enemies will not rest until they have them in their clutches. But as her memories return, can Valerie tap into the powers she didn't even know she possessed and save their lives?

Make Me Exist is the first book of a four part saga. A heart-pounding sci-fi adventure, with just the right amount of romance, that will keep you riveted to your seat in a journey of mind twisting awakenings.
Buy your copy now and join our heroine in her quest for freedom.

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Brittany Ziegler

Brittany Ziegler


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