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Love & Garbage

Love & Garbage


Michael J. Krym


Fiction, Drama, Romance

Publish Date

June 25, 2014

Short Description

A young hopeless dreamer, a reporter with a bad habit of telling the truth, and an old man who just wants to be left alone, are all brought together by a young man who hopes to build a home from those who have nowhere left to go.


The Winner

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Alexandra North was just a hopeless romantic looking for love. James Storey was just a reporter from the Big City searching for the truth. While old man Timothy Standing just wanted to be left alone. But all of that changed with the arrival of a single boy named Simon Patience. Love & Garbage is the story of how three of the most unlikely souls were brought together in the small town of Caelum. The only problem is, how far are a disapproving father, and the disgruntled locals, willing to go to make sure they don't stick around for longer than they should.

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Michael J. Krym

Michael J. Krym


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