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Lizzie Loftus

Lizzie Loftus

Lizzie Loftus and the Missing Peanut Butter Cookies by Ruth E. Propper, Ph.D.



Fiction, Children's Books

Publish Date

April 17, 2020

Short Description

Poor Lizzie! She has only one hour to solve the 'Mystery of the Missing Cookies' or she's doomed to have liver and lima beans for dinner! Fortunately, in this witty, fast-paced children's book, aimed toward readers 5-12, Lizzie's friends Robert and Joule are willing to investigate the scene of the crime with her. Using humor, along with relatable characters and events, this quirky tale is an excellent introduction to the scientific method. Can the sleuths solve the case?


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Lizzie Loftus and the Missing Peanut Butter Cookies: A Science Method Mystery by Ruth E. Propper, Ph.D. is a cute, quirky and educational mystery story about a little girl named Lizzie and her two best friends, Robert and Joule who are brother and sister.


It was just another normal day at Lizzie’s house doing math homework and trying to talk her mother into giving her one of her deliciously smelling, freshly baked peanut butter cookies before dinner. But her mother wouldn’t budge and instead told her she’d have to eat her liver and lima beans first and Lizzie did not like the sound of that! But when the cookies get stolen and Lizzie is to blame, her and her friends ban together to crack the case using the scientific method!  Luckily, she has her older and wiser friend Joule to help, who already took 4th grade science, when Lizzie and Robert were both only in 2nd grade. Despite having a bit of an attitude Joule was good to have around in times like these and she gets to work right away asking the most important questions about the missing cookies and what really happened to them. By doing this Joule teaches Lizzie and Robert about the scientific method. She also tells them how scientists always need to practice being skeptical and to always ask questions. How important it is to make a hypothesis and to prove the hypothesis is correct an experiment must be designed to show supportive evidence. And the mystery is if they can solve and prove who did it before suppertime or else Lizzie’s mom will be very mad. The children must figure it out and they try every scenario they can to do it!


Lizzie Loftus and the Missing Peanut Butter Cookies: A Science Method Mystery is the perfect book for children of a wide range of ages and can be used as a great learning tool or accompaniment to any science lesson. This book incorporates a very easy to understand storyline that supports a solid base to build and understand the concepts of the scientific method and how it can be applied to everyday life situations.


Along with a fun and entertaining story, and some awesome illustrations that catch the reader’s eye this book is a must have for all science and mystery lovers alike! My children absolutely love this book because they enjoy science and mystery books.  They are enchanted with the quirky unique illustrations and have been practicing drawing them in their art journals. Kids Lit Book Café highly recommends Lizzie Loftus and the Missing Peanut Butter Cookies: A Science Method Mystery by Ruth E. Propper, PhD, a wonderful, educational and delightful book for all children ages 5 – 12+ to enjoy!


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