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Life Goes On

Life Goes On

Wait, Wait. There's more to the story!


John E Budzinski


Biography / Memoir, Nonfiction, Humor, Philosophy

Publish Date

September 20, 2021

Short Description

Church youth group meetings. High School graduation parties. Covering for a sick boss. Blind Dates. TV interviews. Defacing trees. Fears. Celebrations. Calvin and Hobbes. Initials on a covered bridge. Minding your own business when suddenly…




What do all these events have in Common? They are part of your Permanent Record—your legacy. And, some moment or day it will all come back to you—maybe so you understand, and can you can explain … to Peter, as he escorts you to see “The Boss.”


There are always transgressions, and after each…were you just a victim of circumstances?


But, Wait, Wait … There’s More To The Story… that defines your legacy and what you leave and pass on.


Indeed – Life Goes On - a thoughtful and engaging look at legacy, and the stories, secrets, and their consequences that are hiding in your Permanent Record - that you will have to discuss someday with, The Boss.



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“This Is Going On Your Permanent Record!” Just an idle threat, or a truth to be reckoned with? What is in that confounded thing we’ve all heard about but paid scant attention to – until it’s too late? Were you: Radical? All around good gal? Sleazeball deserving of condemnation? Tried your best? OR, a ‘victim of circumstances?’ John E. Budzinski explores all as Saint Peter escorts him on a journey to see The Boss.


Hoboes. Spelling Bees. Job Evaluations with his boss. Blind Dates. 4th of July Fireworks. Greatest Fears. Defacing Trees. Budzinski tells stories about all of them and more as he talks with Saint Peter, trying to explain his Permanent Record while justifying life’s transgressions and wondering about legacy – what is his legacy, and how does he pass the torch.


Budzinski wanders from sardonic and sassy to warn and caring to confused and fearful. And, there’s always more to the story. As Saint Peter says, “You have excuses for the excuses…” But, Budzinski doesn’t hide from them or his Permanent Record in a quest to understand his legacy and what he leaves behind.


Budzinski tells stories and engages readers in conversations. He resonates emotionally with simple stories readers can understand and appreciate. After all, we’ve all been there and done that. The stories can be funny, ironic, weird… but always wrapped in his trademark respect, curiosity, and… hope.


This Is Going On Your Permanent Record! Yep, it’s a long war to Tipperary. And you wonder why Permanent Records are so scary?


Yes, Life Goes On. But, Wait, wait! There’s more to the story.

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John E Budzinski

John E Budzinski


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