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Leo on Fire

Leo on Fire

Book One of the Zodiac Drift Series


Heather Lee Dyer


Teen and Young Adult, Paranormal and Supernatural, Urban, Fantasy, Dark, Action and Adventure, Mystery, Fiction

Publish Date

October 17, 2021

Short Description

I can start fires with my hands.

And last year, I nearly burned my world down.

Born a Zodiac child, I’m a Leo with fire powers slowly drifting in, and I’m out of control. One wrong thought or unbidden emotion will ignite the magic smoldering inside me, leaving destruction in its wake.

Though I’ve learned to take care of myself, I must rely on my aunt to teach me better control. Otherwise, I’ll get locked up in one of the state Zod schools—or worse, hurt or kill someone.

I wish that was my biggest concern.

I discovered people like me are disappearing. Someone is kidnapping Zodiac teens, and I need to find out who and why. Because now, a target hangs on my back.

I’m afraid I’ll be next.


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In the bustling streets of contemporary Seattle, "Most teens worry about grades and dances. I worry about starting fires." However, the stakes are far higher for Alina, a young Leo with fire powers. Join her on a gripping adventure where danger lurks in the shadows, and destiny awaits.

Born a Zodiac child, Alina is a Leo with fire powers she once saw as a curse. But when tragedy strikes, and her parents perish, her emotions ignite a power within her that threatens to consume everything in its path. Now, under the guidance of her aunt, she must learn to control her abilities before it's too late.

As she grapples with her newfound identity, a sinister threat looms on the horizon. Zodiac teens are disappearing, kidnapped by someone with the means to suppress their powers. When a friend falls victim to this shadowy figure, Alina knows she must act before she becomes the next target.

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Heather Lee Dyer

Heather Lee Dyer


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