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Las Vegas Honeymoon

Las Vegas Honeymoon

An erotic contemporary romance set in Sin City


Rusty Derrickson


Fiction, Erotic, Romance, Contemporary

Publish Date

July 17, 2021

Short Description

Can it be called a honeymoon if there hasn’t been a wedding? That's a question Mary Franks wants to answer after catching her fiancé cheating just before they walk down the aisle. After a chance encounter in Las Vegas, Mary never imagines old friend, Dan Higgins, has an answer. But will what he offers be enough to make her glad she missed her own “I dos?”


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Just before her nuptials, Mary Franks overhears a woman complaining about the man she’s been seeing. The woman has discovered that the cheating bastard is having an affair with one of Mary’s bridesmaids. When Mary enters her fiancé’s room, she’s shocked to find that “the cheating bastard” is none other than Ralph Nugent, her fiancé. She ends the wedding but moves swiftly into honeymoon mode. Only later, alone and miserable while waiting for her bags at the Las Vegas airport, does she question her decision.


Dan Higgins is in Las Vegas for the annual bash his family’s company hosts. So far, he’s had nothing but trouble—a long trip ends with his room being given away. Then he turns and looks into the red-rimmed eyes of a very sexy woman. Imagine his surprise when the angel turns out to be sweet, studious Mary Franks from high school. When she offers him private quarters in her suite, he knows Lady Luck is sitting on his shoulder in this city where she often keeps to herself. The question is, with Mary vulnerable and the absent bridegroom liable to arrive at any minute, how long will his luck hold out?

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Rusty Derrickson

Rusty Derrickson


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