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Chad Lehrmann


Fiction, Horror, Thriller

Publish Date

October 22, 2021

Short Description

There is nothing more safe and secure than a small town. At least, that's what we typically think. But imagine that small town, and all its welcomed seclusion and autonomy is used against it. Kingston, Texas is a place where nothing bad ever happens- because nothing ever happens. But a mysterious entity known as the Host is about to change that. They have invited killers to a competition in the quaint town- the only rule is to kill as many people as they can. Kingston has become Killtown- where there is one road in, and no way out.


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One Road In, No Way Out


Kingston is a secluded East Texas town surrounded by a lake and giant pine trees.  Nothing bad happens there because nothing ever happens.  Except for Friday night football, there is not one thing worth getting excited about.


Until Ronnie Javorsky runs onto the field after the National Anthem and is shot to death by an unseen assailant.


But Ronnie is just the first victim.  Because Kingston has become the sight of a competition far bloodier than the usual Friday night lights.  A macabre game of murder has begun in the quaint town, a challenge to see which sadistic killer can rack up the most kills and do the most destruction before the sun rises.

All at the invitation of a mysterious figure known as the Host.


A pyromaniac, a monstrous axe-wielder, a black-robed killer, an insane clown, a novice, and a wannabe 'hero' descend on the tiny town intending to turn it blood-red.  But why this town?  Who is the masked Host?


And can anyone survive the night that Kingston was renamed:


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Chad Lehrmann

Chad Lehrmann


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