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Katarina's Dark Journey

Katarina's Dark Journey

Labor Pains: Ukraine 1918


MJ Krause-Chivers


Historical, Fiction, Military / War, Women, Religious

Publish Date

September 3, 2023

Short Description

As Ukraine declares independence, Russia lashes back. When the Bolsheviks set fire to their village, Katarina and her pregnant sister Anna flee across the open steppes. Sinister persons and dangerous rebels lie in wait while Anna's pregnancy reaches term. Katarina must take charge of difficult situations before reaching their parents' place across the Dnieper River. Will they find they find safety before the baby is born?


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Inspired by true events, Katarina’s Dark Journey is book two of a suspenseful, faith-based, coming-of-age mystery that explores trauma’s effect on the human spirit. With a dual timeline set in Ukraine during the Russian civil war and post-war Germany, this suspense-filled epic saga carries a poignant lesson about the fragility of freedom.

Katarina's Dark Journey takes readers on a haunting journey through war-torn Ukraine in 1918 with a parallel story set in post-war Munich.

When darkness falls, faith prevails.

1918: Southern Ukraine. When the Bolshevik Army sets fire to the German Mennonite villages, seventeen-year-old Katarina and her wealthy pregnant sister, Anna, flee across the barren lawless steppes. Thrust into an adult world with sinister characters and a rapidly changing political landscape, Katarina learns to use her strength and wits to protect Anna and her unborn baby. But the enigmatic environment forces Katarina to grapple with her pacifist beliefs and face the darkness within herself. When there’s nowhere to hide, can she trust God to save them?

1952/3: Munich, Germany. As Peter faces the scary prospect of becoming a father, he struggles with closure to his mother Katarina's death. Fuelled by painful memories, he searches her diaries for answers but finds more questions. Will Peter spiral down into the darkness of the past, or will the burgeoning new life bring hope for the future?

Inspired by true events, “Katarina’s Dark Journey” is a faith-based coming-of-age mystery that offers a gripping exploration of family, survival, and the human spirit in times of war. With page-turning suspense, this epic saga is a must-read for historical fiction fans.

Fans of The Memory Keeper of Kyiv (Erin Litteken) and Women Talking (Miriam Toews) will appreciate the characters’ transparent and heart-wrenching struggles to survive injustice and overcome trauma.

Series overview: The past and present converge in this enthralling, serpentine saga of a mother and two sons torn apart by war trauma. Set in Ukraine during the Russian Civil War, this suspensive coming-of-age mystery carries a poignant lesson about the fragility of freedom.

If you haven't read book one, catch up to this growing series now. Check out Book One: Katarina's Dark Shadow to understand the cultural and political backdrop to this epic series. Book Two: Katarina's Dark Journey continues to follow the trail of Katarina's mysterious death and her illusive son, Jacob. Buy both books now to learn the facts behind the stories. Each story provides a breadcrumb to the mystery.

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MJ Krause-Chivers

MJ Krause-Chivers


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