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MJ Krause-Chivers

About The Author

MJ Krause-Chivers is the historical fiction stream for Canadian Christian author Miranda J. Chivers.

Miranda (a.k.a. MJ) was born as an aspiring writer with a love of words. Her interest in story-telling was nursed by her German speaking Russian Mennonite grandparents and their peers, with harrowing tales of their emigrant and refugee treks across the Russian landscapes seeking freedom from the Russian civil war and eventually finding it in Canada.

The way of peace and a deep abiding faith was embedded into Miranda's growing years. Despite this, she wrestled with finding truth amidst the turmoil of life, using her writing talents in the analytical fields of law and social work. After a brief foray into tourism, her life was forever altered by an auto-immune disease. Physically broken and mentally exhausted, she stopped to take stock.

The trail of her life-long journey twisted with catastrophic accidents, life-threatening illness, a devastating divorce and the joys and sadness of raising both an autistic daughter and a Down's syndrome step-daughter. As illness took its' toll and life continued to fall apart, she collapsed into a dark depression. Then, she began writing with serious intent, seeking meaning within the framework of faith. Once more, words beckoned like a beacon of light, pulling her from the pits of despair and embracing her soul. She began writing and publishing Christian non-fiction as healing for her own pain. Now she writes to inspire others to find encouragement during their dark trials.

The story of Katarina, Anna and Peter as told in the series Russian Mennonite Chronicles reflects the dark days of the Russian revolution, WW1, and WW2 and the characters' struggles to survive. Although these women and their son search for the meaning of life admidst the horror of war, the saga is truly a combined picture of the trials of MJ's grandparents, their peers and the author's own journey through life.

MJ Krause-Chivers


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