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Into Shadow's Fire

Into Shadow's Fire


Mark Castleberry


Action and Adventure, Fantasy, Teen and Young Adult, Science Fiction, Religious

Publish Date

May 2, 2022

Short Description

A fast-paced story of the continuing battle between light against dark and learning about the past will help fight against the shadows of the future.


The Winner

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Over a decade has past, since the FTL ship has returned and Jon Vega and Nicolea Dan have once again joined the effort known now as the Union of Light, to fight the newly formed Pagonic Imperium. On the world of Sulia, help is needed. The Union must help save the people of the city of Gal-Ganeed from being tortured and killed because of their beliefs. They must flee their city and begin an exodus across the stars. But the empire will not let them go that easily, for they are the chosen people of the Lord of Light. But first they must find a fleet of their own.

Thermonte Electrik escaped with the Bathshe from the shadow world and is now the Emperor of the Imperium. The only person he trusts, Soshiana, makes her way back with the others only to question her own soul. As he remembers his own past and hearing of Soshiana's return, he is encouraged that now he can take his place in the galaxy.

And the battle continues.

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Mark Castleberry

Mark Castleberry


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