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In Silence Cries the Heart

In Silence Cries the Heart


Catherine Hughes



Publish Date

October 13, 2023

Short Description

Set in the Scottish Highlands during the 17th century, the novel recounts the passionate but tragic story of Mary McElroy and Donal Donn, characters based on authentic figures from that time period.


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Sometimes love can be so strong that it ruptures the confines of a single lifetime, extending into those beyond. This is what Caitlyn Hegarty, an American schoolteacher, learns on her trip to Scotland where she soon becomes entangled in the tragic history of a pair of 17th-century lovers. Standing before the dungeon at Undlay Castle, she relives the romantic adventures of the roguish thief and poet, Donal Donn, and his doomed passion for Mary McElroy, the spirited daughter of the laird of Undlay. Unable to shake their spell, Caitlyn is drawn into the shadows of the past as she attempts to solve the mystery enshrouding their forbidden love.


Inspired by the true story of Domhnull Donn and Mary Grant, the novel depicts the timeless power of love amidst the lawlessness, superstition, and pageantry of a lost age.

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Catherine Hughes

Catherine Hughes


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