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Immortal Peril

Immortal Peril

The Immortal Stories Series Book 3


Linda Ashton Trott


Fiction, Dark, Erotic, Fantasy, Crime, Paranormal and Supernatural, Romance, Women

Publish Date

April 24, 2022

Short Description

Lora, Falon's best friend, has met a man! Even though she has three kids, she has never married the father. She never really trusted him enough to be a husband. But this guy ... well he's another story! They met last summer when Lora went to visit her Falon in Atlanta. She ended up traveling with Lora and Mark to Miami with Rick. They had an amazing weekend together. But what does that mean? Is this real? Could it be real? He lives in Atlanta and she lives in Montreal. How does that work?

Not one for long-distance romances, Lora sets it aside until she gets a phone call from Rick and an invitation to join him for a week in Georgia. A whole week. He's even offered to pay her expenses. She's never been with a rich guy before. Will she accept and explore the possibilities of a romance?


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We get to know Falon's best friend Lora more, and her budding romance with Rick. Their affair is steamy and sexy, but while they are getting to know one another, Mark is kidnapped by unknow assailants and kept prisonner.

Falon gets a new post in Atlanta Georgia, where she experiences hurricanes for the first time. But it's when she gets her third posting in Kansas, that thinks get dark.

Find out how Mark and Falon overcome their adversaries in Immortal Peril.

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Linda Ashton Trott

Linda Ashton Trott


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