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Immortal Nexus

Immortal Nexus

The Immortal Stories Series Book 6


Linda Ashton Trott


Fiction, Contemporary, Erotic, Fantasy, Paranormal and Supernatural, Romance, Women

Publish Date

February 1, 2023

Short Description

New is old, and old is new

Surely, saving a coven of witches from a pocket dimension would be a highlight in life. But it’s not. The immortals return home to everyday life; family, moving, school, raising teens, and of course, spicy lovemaking.


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After romping through volcanic caves, fighting off pirates, and rescuing witches from alternate dimensions, the gang needs a well-deserved rest; a little family time.

We meet a new character, Margaret, who is a strong, outgoing woman who is not afraid to say it like it is. She goes out "with the girls" from the office on a week night. Not her usual habit, and gets a little drunk.

When she decides she needs a little air, she takes a step outside to get away from the noise of the bar. A remarkably handsome man approaches, and she finds herself swept off her feet and following him back to his hotel. This isn't something she does! But she cannot help herself, and has the night of her life with a man too gorgeous to believe. But there are consequences.

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Linda Ashton Trott

Linda Ashton Trott


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