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Immortal Fulfillment

Immortal Fulfillment

The Immortal Stories Series Book 2


Linda Ashton Trott


Fiction, Contemporary, Erotic, Fantasy, Paranormal and Supernatural, Romance, Women

Publish Date

April 13, 2022

Short Description

Working in Atlanta, Georgia, Falon is faced with her first hurricane. A native of Montreal, Canada, she's never lived through on before. It's a little terrifying and a little exciting at the same time.

But her mind is caught up reliving what happen a short time ago with the man she was falling in love with. Mark had shown her something that completely destroyed her. Shocked and dismayed, Falon needs to sort out what happened and decide what to do next all the while, working on location at a client's company. That means she has to keep up appearances, and not let what happened show.

Her lifeline, her BFF Lora, helps keep up her morale with excursions until Falon feels like herself again, centered, and down to earth. But things don't stay centered for long.


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An Immortal Story of True Love, Discovery, and Life

The Immortals are a race of beings that came to Earth many tens of thousands of years before humans developed. Their stories stretch across time and become woven with humans. Their society is hidden from humans while still living among them. Forbidden from developing romantic liaisons with humans, they occasionally formed close bonds and married, with consequences.

In this second story, Falon finds herself alone and her world is turned upside down after falling for, and losing an Immortal lover. His world has made a serious impact on hers, reaching not just her, but her friends as well. Their worlds were not supposed to mix, and yet, their connection cannot be denied.

Falon knows how she feels, but the world he’s introduced her to is dangerous to humans. She needs time to figure this out. While her mind and heart are working out what to do about her Immortal man, Falon is drawn into more adventures and mishaps, because life intrudes while you are making plans. Tossed around like a leaf in a windstorm, Falon faces each new circumstance with more strength and self-assurance.

Falon's best friend Lora, joins her on a few steamy escapades as they continue the adventure in Georgia and Florida.

Will Falon forgive Mark?

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Linda Ashton Trott

Linda Ashton Trott


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