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Immortal Desire

Immortal Desire

The Immortal Stories Series Book 1


Linda Ashton Trott


Paranormal and Supernatural, Fiction, Romance, Women, Erotic

Publish Date

March 15, 2023

Short Description

Falon is waiting for her divorce to finalize when she meets a spellbinding man with Greek God looks.

As their friendship deepens and Falon becomes free, their attraction is undeniable and soon they are having lots of toe-curling sex that will leave you panting and wanting more.

Just as things are going great, Falon learns their love ‘was against the rules’ and that her lover wasn’t human. After dropping that bomb he disappears.

With her world blown apart, Falon moves, gets a new career and starts again. She has more amazing sex with interesting men. But only one ‘man’ had made her heart sing. Will she ever find her true love ... again?


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Stuck in a loveless marriage, Falon seeks consults a lawyer about getting away from her abusive husband.

By the time her divorce is about to go through, she meets a man that captivates her heart. Their romance grows each day while he helps her get free, and start over.

One day, he delivers life-altering news. He has to go away.

Falon is devastated, but rebuilds her life again. Starting over with a new job, a new apartment, and new friends. Her life takes a turn for the better as her new career sees her travel.

In the back of her mind though, will she ever find love like his again? Find out in Immortal Desire.

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Linda Ashton Trott

Linda Ashton Trott


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