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Going Off The Rails

Going Off The Rails


Richard S. Brown


Fiction, Crime, Thriller

Publish Date

December 31, 2020

Short Description

Stan Ellis, a young reporter for a small-town Wisconsin newspaper receives an anonymous call from a woman who claims that the man imprisoned for causing a deadly train crash four years earlier was innocent. Sensing a big story, he tracks the woman down but soon finds himself embroiled in something bigger and more dangerous than he’d ever imagined.



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The year is 1958. Stan Ellis, a young reporter for a small-town Wisconsin newspaper can’t forget the call he got from a woman who claimed a man convicted of causing a train wreck four years before was falsely imprisoned. After a night of sleeplessness, he decides to search for the woman in hopes of latching on to a big story. When he tracks her down, he finds she is the ex-wife of George Cashman, the train engineer who was operating the train that crashed. She identifies the man she believes sabotaged the train, but refuses to go to the authorities herself out of fear for her safety. She begs Stan to go instead and to ask them to open a new investigation. He agrees, not realizing that he is opening up something bigger and more dangerous than he ever anticipated.

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Richard S. Brown

Richard S. Brown


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